Sample from Go Mad and See Colors on the 1st CD:

But a ballad -- satiating
distempered words, that gently
flowing liquidy art.

If you castigate all the shit
that gets in the way of
an awakening.  Burgeoning
bestowal laid upon you
when you're chained behind
half-bricked walls
(in thought paralyzing); words
pile upon words.  Sticky
mortar clinging to my lids
splattering thoughts on my
silken verb.

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Sample from #862 on the 1st CD:

I listen to his leaded tears smack
the green painted cement floor
reverberating down my spinal cord
looping back up and welling in the
pin-pricked tear ducts behind my
closed lids...

And suddenly I'm crying, or bellowing,
or pounding, or rocking, or mumbling,
or gurgling, or coughing, or laughing,
or jeering (I don't know which).
What made me the way I am ?
as I rock silently back and forth, and
back and forth tears streaming down my
flushed face.  I see it (when I really see)...

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Sample of Blacklight Baked on the 1st CD:

In a stony basement with black light Circean.
Upon Tide-scrawled walls like passe cuneiform
where turbid words enthrall me say
I get high with a little help from my friends.
Verminous couches with gaudy 50's print
lambent bathed in glowing abject distaste.
I sit in cum-stained day lily print...

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Sample from The Anamolous on the 1st CD:

The humm of a
thousand voices
locked forever in
bovine banter
lick and suck my ear drums
beating out a discordant timbre
only I can hear.  I am
magnetized to their lips
pulsating in tranquail
wave upon wave
of verbal seawater...

I analyze the black and beige
checkered tile of the bathroom floor
between my painted toenails.
I stare blankly into Hemmingway's
wound open and sticky...

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