Sample Lyrics to the CD "Paint Chip Army"

1. WELCOME - to my trip, my nightmare, my daydreams, my life.

2. MY LOBOTOMY - the doctor told me it would hurt like hell, but it might help me come out of my shell.
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3. LOW SPEED MASSIVE COLLISION - listen children, off in the distance, can you hear those drums beating softly sounding another love's death tonight.

4. DREAMS LIKE THIS - she cuts the lines out on the mirror to help her through the night.  Mistakes she's made become so clearer; no she won't put up a fight.

5. BE HAPPY - you better be happy that murder is illegal cause there'd be some dead motherfuckers right now.

6. INFRA-RED - infra-red, god is dead. infra-red is what I bled.

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7.  LUNACY - can you hear those whispering voices? I am sorry if you can't.  They must be inside my head.

8.  LEROY'S DEAD - Leroy's been dead for seven days. His doctor told him to change his alcoholic ways.

9.  WALKS ON WATER - no thinking, just drinking.  I'm worried about our fate.

10.  L.C.D. - if I was a rock star, I'd blow up all my TV sets on stage in a Plasmatic rage.

11.  THESE FEELINGS - do you remember when you were the prom queen? So sad to see you 'cause now you're just a crank fiend.

12.  D.D.T. - are you cool man?

13.  NORMAN FELL - she loves her toys more than her men.  She's always out shopping for batteries.

14.  CRACK PIPE XMAS - he didn't tell Santa so it was a total suprise.  You  could tell he was happy by the look in his eyes.
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